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Philippines 2025

Join me for my 43rd birthday in January 2025 and explore my beautiful country.  In this trip, we will visit Manila and El Nido in Palawan.  The trip is fully curated with island hoping adventures, snorkeling, exploring lagoons, white sand beaches, caverns and more!  We also get to know local fishermen and learn their way of life.  Lot's of scenic and serene destinations in one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines!  This trip is fully curated by TrovaTrip to make it easier for us to fully enjoy ourselves.  Hotels, local flights, transportation, and more are already provided.  All you have to do is take care of your international flights to Manila and back and wake up each morning to make the vans (boats and tricycles) to our daily adventures!  

The week with TrovaTrip will be spent in El Nido from Jan 25 - 31 and the early bird price is $2299 (only 8 available so secure your spot!)  It includes an overnight in Manila on the 25th, four days in El Nido and another overnight in Manila on the 30th with the 31st being our farewells!  But I am planning on arriving to Manila 4 days before to explore the energy of the city then head over to El Nido then extend my trip to Coron for a couple of days and end my trip in Boracay for another taste of paradise for a few days! These extensions are outside the price of El Nido and will be very casual and soon will be finalized!

If you want more information on Trovatrip and to book your spot for El Nido - click the pink box!  For more information about joining me for the extended trip - please scroll below, but stop to enjoy these photos of some of our destinations in El Nido!

SNAKE ISLAND_edited.jpg
cudugnon cave_edited.jpg


Again, Trova Trip is Jan 25th to 31st, 2025.  But this is my extended plan:

  • ​Manila - arrive on Jan 21st.  Planning on staying in the same hotel TrovaTrip books so it's easy (so far they have us at Coro Hotel in Makati.  Its in the middle of everything.

    • The cheapest rate for 4 nights is $265 total!​​

    • The city view rate for 4 nights is $325 total!

    • More rooms available.

    • For Manila - you come early, I'll have an itinerary ready to go.  I'm also open to suggestions!

  • Coron - so if you're leaving on the 30th from the Trova Trip part to go back to Manila, shuttles will be ready​, but I plan to take the 1 hour flight to Coron.

    • The flight to Coron from Puerto Princesa is about $125 one way.​

    • Hotels range from $50 total to $1500 depending on what you want.  Closer to the trip, I will search a few options to share so we can all stay in the same building.

    • It's basically beach here and local towns. Really relaxing!

    • I would stay here from Jan 30th to Feb 2nd.

    • If you want to leave from here, there's flights from Coron to Manila for about $100.

  • Boracay​ - I would leave the morning of Feb 2nd to get to Boracay

    • The flight from Coron to Boracay is $94.​

    • The hotel I stayed in was The Auhana - mid priced luxury.  It was about $190/night beach view and steps to the sand!  Really good food too!

    • I would stay here from Feb 2 to Feb 5th.  I would taike the 10am flight and be in Manila by 11am.  So anytime after 3pm is when I'd book my Manila to LAX.

****NOTE about luggage - it CAN NOT be more than a check in and backpack.  The way we travel in these islands are fine but it's a lot of little boats and tricycles (our version of Tuk Tuks) so it's best to have only carry on!  We can do laundry in each destination also! 

That's all I have for now!  If you need more information - please email me and I'll try and answer all your questions!

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